Swan cushion

I am making habit of having long breaks between posts and I do apologise! Hopefully it’s not the way it will always be.

When I saw the sneak peeks of the new issue of One Thimble (Issue 18), I knew I  wanted to combine the gorgeous swan clip tutorial with the Moon face cushion. My littlest has a swan theme in her room and I knew it would be the perfect edition.

A week after release and I’ve had time to have a play. 

I reused an old fleecy bunny rug from when the girls were little for the cushion and found enough of the fabrics in my cupboard for the swan.


When I printed the swan, it was at 150% of the original size. I needed to print it to ‘Poster’ print and then join the printed pieces together to get it printed correctly.

Next I used the construction method of the swam, I left the second layer of the swan off and joined it directly to the cushion front. the cushion front was prepared as if I was attaching the ‘moon face’ elements. I found the middle of the cushion and lined it up with the top of the swans back.

When machine stitching the swan to the cushion face, I pinned it on and made sure I pinned the pink tulle out of the way.

After this, I was able to construct the rest of the cushion as was outlined in the original pattern.

I hope this inspires you o play around too!


Link to One Thimble Issue 18 (Affiliate link)


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