lion cub pattern hack; softie to cushion; one thimble

Lion Cub cushion hack

This is a cute project to do with the kids for styling in their bedroom. This is a hack for the kids to make their own little lion cub cushion. Did you see the cute little lion and cub softie that I had in Issue 15 of One Thimble e-zine? (This is an affiliate link) It’s a cute little set that is perfect for little baby gifts or quick sews with your kids.

I sat down with my kids and we upsized the lion cub to make a little cushion. I designed a printable that you can use as a stencil to use fabric paint to add the details to the lion’s face.

Print the original pattern piece from the tutorial at a larger size. When printing, you need to custom scale to upsize it. Print it by choosing ‘Poster Print’ and then upsizing  by 170 %. There will be a little bit of the ears that overlap.


You also need to print the stencil for the facial features of the lion cub. Lion cushion stencil Print onto freezer paper (or other ways you create a stencil).

Cut out the pattern pieces. Iron on the stencil to one of the sides and paint with fabric paint. Wait for the paint to dry.


For the tail, we used the length of an A4 sheet of felt. We cut 3 strips the length of the sheet to attach them.

Sew up as the original tutorial, there is now … seam allowance as it has also been scaled up.

After sewing and stuffing, plait the tail and tie a knot in the end. Style in your bedroom.


If you have a go at these with your kids, feel free to share with me or tag me @noblecubs, #noblecubs #digifreeplay

Enjoy the rest of the holidays,

Martinalion cub pattern hack; softie to cushion; one thimble


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