Adding a cape to a t-shirt or dress shirt – with wrist cuffs

super hero, hero t-shirt, dress ups, role play

Using button to hold up the Makana Mermaid Skirt

mermaid tail, one thimble, tadah patterns, pattern hack, mermaid, toddler

Tidy overlocking on bag pocket


Girls Tee from the Jaunty Dress (by Tadah Patterns)

knit tee bodice used for tee

How to make a mini bow clip

small bow, cut bow, felt flower clip
How to make a mini bow clip

How to mash the Boo! Designs leggings with banded waist

How to add a banded waistband to leggings for baby

Add a hidden pocket to a skirt (side seam, includes French seams)


Add a crotch snap panel to rompers