Choosing Washable Markers

Whether you have a washable colouring mat or not, I’m going to share with you my opinions on 2 of the bigger brand markers and why I choose them. You may even just need this information for other marker use around the home. I’m not affiliated with either of these companies.

The 2 brands I’ve used with Noble Cubs are Crayola and Micador. Both that I have used and still use, have their positives and negatives.

I find Crayola to be the best at washability. When washing the colouring mats, the colour is removed thoroughly. I also like the chubbier markers by Crayola for developing hands.


Micador has their Colourfun markers, that are a part of their ‘Green Earth Collection’. These ones are washable but some coloured can leave a bit of a ‘shadow’. The sooner their washed the better and it doesn’t build up on the mats either. The positives about these markers are that their parts are either recyclable or compostable.


My choice for my business is the eco choice. I make many decisions through my business based on the impact on the environment.

If you’re buying to refill your colouring mat or just for home use, Micador Green Earth Collection for the environment versus Crayola for washing out. Other things to consider, is the age of your child and if they need more junior style pens for the development.

I hope this helps in making your choice!


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