Thank you again Play School – Cat Craft

It has been a while since I’ve shared our play experiences on here but we are still prompted by the amazing content found on Play School (ABC Australia).

My littlest still enjoys watching the episodes and then takes inspriation from what they’ve done, as soon as it’s over, we need to make something that was made.

This week was no different. We watched the episode, ‘How do you feel today?’ 1. I love this series of episodes and how they look at feelings and what our faces and bodies do when we have these feelings. They seem to have them playing on quite a high rotation, which is also fabulous.

The particular part of this episode that appealed to my Miss 4 was when they created a cat mask. We found materials we had throughout the house.

We gathered up old straws we had (we try not to use plastic straws, these have been in the house for years now), a piece of cardboard off an old box, a marker and a large pop stick.

Miss 4 is getting quite independent and did most of the steps on her own. She did then want ears so I cut some of cardboard that she taped down. She then coloured these with crayons.

She tried it on and realised she needed holes to see through. We talked about where they should be and the size of her face, we decided that they should be closer than where she drew them.

The intriguing thing about this mask, is that she hasn’t played with it as much as I thought she would. To her, the fun was in the making. That’s ok with me because I know that there was learning that occured during the process.

Do you share experiences that have been inspired by Play School? If you do, please share or tag me on social media @noblecubs.

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