How to add hidden pocket to a skirt

This is a hack adding a pocket to side seam of a skirt. The skirt pattern that I used has French seams but you can also apply it to seams finished with overlocker/ zigzag.

hidden pocket, skirt, french seams

I saw the sneak peek from One Thimble for their latest issue which included the Brook Blossom skirt pattern by Orange Daisy Designs around the same time my new Pandalicious  fabric arrived (by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics) and I knew they were a match made in heaven. With 2 kids and a baby, pockets are an essential for me, so when I made this skirt for myself, I naturally added a pocket (the skirt has a side zip, so I only added , instead of one you can add 1 either side if your skirt pattern doesn’t have this).

I followed this pattern up to step 12 (completing step 11).

Lay your hand on a piece of paper and traced around it. Round off around this shape.


I added 2.5cm or 1 inch ALL the way around it. (You will see that by piece of paper doesn’t have the extra added where the base of my hand is, I added it when I was cutting my fabric. It is important to do this or some of your pocket will be taken in seam allowance).



Cut around it.

Then put the top corner of the hand on the side of the skirt and draw a line on the pocket piece that matches the skirt. This triangular piece should be around 30 degrees.

IMGP6886.JPG(Remember here, you will have an extra inch/ 2.5cm on the end of your hand, I added mine when I cut it out).

You can use this template to cut out a pair (that is 2 opposite pieces) for each pocket.

Before Step 12, do the zip up momentarily so that you can pin the skirt to yourself in place. (If you are putting pockets on both sides, pin both sides).


Put your hand on your thigh in a comfortable position (higher is better than lower). Use a pin or a clip (I found the clip easier to use by myself) to mark the top of your hand on the side seam.


Take the skirt back off, measure from the top or the waistband, how far down the clip/ pin is. This will be the placement for your pocket.


Position your pocket, right sides together with one of the skirt pieces.


Stitch it on using the patterns seam allowance.

Iron the pocket back over the seam.


Under stitch the pocket by about 1/4 inch (6mm).


*If you are not using French seams, put the skirt with pockets right sides together and stitch using the patterns seam allowance then overlock or zigzag. Press the seams to the front.

Now start the French seam process, going down the side seam and around the pocket, stopping with your needle down to turn the corners between the skirt and pocket.


When you get up to trimming the seam, snip into the corner.


Turn the pocket so that the right sides are together. Gently roll the seam around the corners of the pocket and around the pocket with your fingers.

Press the seams to continue the French seam process.


When you are finished the seam. The pocket stays the way it now is.

A difference from the pattern, to help the pocket sit correctly, is to iron this side seam TO THE FRONT.

Continue with the pattern from step 13.

Now you will have a fabulous skirt and somewhere to stash your keys.

IMGP6913.JPGA hidden side seam pocket!

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