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Adding a snap panel to a knit romper

Welcome again. If you’ve seen other posts from me, you’ll know that I love easy nappy access. I’ve been meaning to make the One Romper by Filles a Maman from One Thimble Issue 13 for a while for my little one. I have started with the one I’m going to share today but I also have plans for a upcycled long-legged one as well.

So the One Romper is a knit pattern and I alter the technique I use for adding a crotch snap panel just a little to woven rompers.

When I constructed the romper, I left the crotch unattached and then added the leg band, still using quarters to stretch it evenly.

I then measured the distance from the bottom of the leg band on one side to the other. I added 1/2 inch (1/4 inch for each end). This is the length of the snap panel. The width is 1 1/2 inches (1/2 wide folded over then 1/4 inch for seams). This size it more suitable for smaller snaps, if using size 20 snaps, add another 1/4 inch.


I prepared the panels by overlocking down one of the long sides on both of them. This is to provide some stability when the snaps are in place and to also give me a guide when I am stitching the last seam (this will make sense later). It is also a good idea to use some light fusible interfacing to further stabilise when the snaps are in place, especially if you are using a sewing machine only.


Next I marked 1/4 on either end of the raw long side and used these guides to pin/clip and attach to the each of the crotch openings (back and front).


Then I folded the panel, right sides together (the wrong side will be facing out) so that the edges of both overlocked lengths are even. I then folded the seam allowance (the bits we overlocked) back up. I stitch the 1/4 seam that is overhanging past the leg band.

Trim the corners and allowance of the end you just sewed. Turn the snap panel in the right way. Carefully pin/clip the panel so that the loose overlocked edge is turned under and the edge meets where you stitched the panel to the romper. I usually make sure the loose side is slightly overlapping so that I make sure I catch it. Sew in place



Now you can attach the snaps. I always like to start with the end snap 1/2 inch from the end and then one in the centre, then I look at the others between, never more than 4cm apart. The size 1 happened to fit where the leg bands attach to the romper.


Now you have a romper with easy access for nappies!

This awesome organic Art gallery knit I bought from Utopian Threads (in Australia)

Did you notice the sleeves? I took off have the hem allowance and used a rolled hem instead. I also added a little to the width (at the end, not along the seam that attaches to the main romper) to help it ‘flare’ a little.


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