Sewing in 2016: Part 1 January to March

Today I was thinking of the sewing I have planned ahead and it hit me how much I have done this past year. I have compiled a list that has ended up quite extensive, although, I have not listed the  colouring mats and taggies that I make to sell through my Etsy store and at markets. There are many things I’ve made for my family, friends and family for gifts and for testing.

This is a FOUR PART post, with this being the first.

I have come to love certain pattern designers, as you will see in my lists but that does not mean I think that these are exclusively the best. I have many other patterns and designers I’d like to try when I get the time. I have found that the best ways to see all the fabulous designs out there is to join groups on Facebook, such as the PDF Pattern groups and also through One Thimble eMagazine. Both of these sources harness a variety of pattern types and designers. As I’ve used some designers many times, I’ll link them all at the end of this post 🙂


  • I got to test a pram liner by ‘Muffy Duck Designs’ to fit my sister in laws pram. These are really well constructed patterns and I used the techniques from the pattern when making one for my own pram (it’s not longer manufactured so I couldn’t find a pattern). I also used the strap cover part of the pattern to make extra strap covers in different fabrics.
  • I made the Pleatie Playsuit and Pleatie Dress by Tadah Patterns for my 2 girls to be matching in family photos. I really loved how these turned out. I used broiderie anglaise for the bodice of the dress and used the full front without the pleats pattern to piece to make a full front bodice lining with lawn. It turned out beautifully and is still one of my favourite sews.
  • I used the ‘Flamingo’ spandex range by Boo! Designs and their patterns to make my eldest girl a long sleeve rash shirt and bikini’s. The bottoms of all Boo! patterns have awesome coverage and never ride up, I love them.
  • After having a little bub who was in 00000 for a while, I made her a few things. For a coming home outfit, I used the singlet from the Super Suit pattern by Flosstyle and a matching nappy cover by Pattern Emporium. I also made her a dress from the same Super Suit pattern and used Boo! Designs spandex and Cheekies (nappy cover) and leggings. I combined the waist band and skirt from the cheekies with the leggings to get a really cute look. (I have shown how I did this on this post)
January Sews


  • I tested a ladies skirt by Pattern Emporium called the ‘Chelsea’. I have noticed that this button front, A-line style is still in stores at the moment!
  • I also tested a peasant style dress by Flosstyle called the ‘Paradise’. This has a large range of sizes and as it’s forgiving, works also for adults within the lower sizes. Like all patterns, we just had to go by the sizing chart.
  • I wrote the tutorial for the Colouring Mat that was included in One Thimble eMagazine. It was thrilling to be part of a larger group working on a project together headed by Jen. The tutorial is also available in our Etsy store.
  • I pimped out the babies pram in all matching fabrics. I made the pram liner I spoke about in ‘Jaunary’ sews, a Pram Paddie with the pattern by Muffy Duck and a bar cover with sensory toys, pattern is my own and is one of my products in store.
A few of the February Sews


  • This was a big month. To start with I tested the Baby Tea Party dress and romper pattern by Tadah Patterns. This is a well put together pattern that I’ve found myself going back to time and time again in different forms.
  • I entered myself into a Showcase by Utopian Threads Fabric Store. I chose to make Butterfly Wings. I used the pattern by Wife Made. It has such a beautiful finish. I also hand crocheted small motifs to accent the wings and used the free crown pattern by Tadah to make an antennae crown.
  • My boy got a bit of sewn items this month, seeing it was his birthday. I used the Longies shorts pattern by Tadah and the Pattern Emporium shorts pattern to make him Star Wars and Pokémon shorts.
  • I also used some Boo! Designs spandex and patterns to make my boy a long sleeved rashie and togs, as well as my baby a long sleeved rashie and I used that waistband hack I spoke about in ‘January’ sews to make sun safe leggings for her ( in a tiny 0000!)
  • The kids and I walked the International Women’s Day Fun Run so I made my eldest daughter and I a pink head wrap using the pattern by Rosie Petal from One Thimble Issue 9.
  • I was involved in the Boo! Designs Exchange, where we are given someone to sew for. I was given a newborn, unisex description. I used the rashie pattern and leggings with the waistband hack with some lovely neutral Art Gallery Cotton Spandex that I picked up from Utopian Threads to create a gorgeous soft, comfy set of clothes. I also used the Rainbow Hat from Flosstyle with the beanie option to create a beanie using the same fabric to go with it.
  • Lastly this month (It was a huge month!) I had a friends baby shower, I made her soon to be baby a Baby Tea Party Dress in 000 with a matching nappy cover and a coordinating crinkly taggie.
March Sews

Phew, what a start to the year! Over January 2017, I will share with you all my sews. Next week will be April – June. They were a fun 3 months, testing a cap, creating a tea set for a showcase, last minute (night before) bucket hats for sports day and so many more.

Happy Sewing,

Martina 🙂

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