Cute small bow & flower clip

small bow, cut bow, felt flower clip
How to make a mini bow clip

My littlest was born with a full head of hair. I love that I can put bows in it to tame the ‘cocky crest’, as we call it. This is a really quick hack to make a small bow and a felt flower clip.

The clips I find that work best in her fine hair are the alligator clips that look like this (I find mine at Spotlight).


The cute little bow:  I have been using the tutorial from Flosstyle to make the bows, with some differences. I also played with the size so I can make a cute small one as well as the size set out in the tutorial. (Link to Flosstyle Tutorial)

The initial differences I make is to the band. I find it easier to sew the band wrong sides together then flatten/press it so that the seam and raw edges are at the back. I wind it round the centre of the bow, trim off the excess, fold under the end and hand stitch it to the back.

This is the underside of the bow, my hand stitching isn’t neat but I find it less fiddly to do it this way.


The dimensions that I used to make this one smaller were:

Main bow: 7 cm x 10 cm (2 3/4 inches x 4 inches)

Centre band: 3cm (1 1/4 inches) x 5cm (2 inches)

The little felt flower clip: To make the flower, I used the free tutorial from Molly and Mama (tutorial link).  I chose the ‘magnolia’. When I printed it, I reduced the scale (to about 80%) to make it smaller.


I glued the leaf to the bottom of the flower and added a couple of stitches by hand to hold it in place.

To attach the clip to the back, I cut 2 circles from felt at 1 inch diameter. The first one I glued to the bottom of the flower and leaf. The second circle, I put slits in it for the clip. I used 2 slits, centred in the circle. They were just wider than  clip and about 1/4 inch apart. I glued the circle around the edge and joined it to the first. Then I could slip the top part of the clip through the slits

The small alligator clip attached to the felt flower.




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